Alert - OPP Costs in the Township

August 8, 2017


In 2014, the Government of Ontario created a new funding formula for OPP services.  Of the 323 municipalities in Ontario, there is only ONE municipality that does not follow this formula -The District Municipality of Muskoka.

The District of Muskoka Council is comprised of councillors and mayors of the Towns of Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Huntsville – 4 members each, and the Townships of Muskoka Lakes (4 members) and Lake of Bays and Georgian Bay with 3 members each.

The District of Muskoka Council has 22 voting members – 12 from the Towns and 10 from the Townships.  Due to the fact that the Towns can out vote the Townships, this council has approved a formula that charges the Townships about 2/3 of the policing costs, when the Townships use less than 1/4 of policing services.

What does this mean to you? The total OPP bill for policing in our Township is $2.75 million or for an average property about $260.00 per year.  The District of Muskoka, using their assessment formula, bills our Township $5,925 million or $550.00 per property.  More than DOUBLE the OPP invoice amount.

This also means that the average taxpayer in the 3 Townships is subsidizing a property in one of the Towns to the tune of $100.00 per year.

Our Mayor, Don Furniss, does not think this is fair.  Muskoka District Council should follow the rules just like every other municipality in Ontario.

The Mayors of the 3 Townships have been working on a solution to this for the past 18 months.  Now they are asking for your help.  There are 2 ways to do this..

  1. Send this letter (Letter to Premiar Wynne re OPP costs Letter to Premier Wynne re OPP costs) or your own letter to Kathleen Wynne at Mayor Furniss asks that if you do this, to please BCC him ( so he has an idea of how many letters are going to the premier's office.
  2. Or send an email to Mayor Furniss at indicating your desire to have your name place on the petition. Email must include name, address and phone number.

Either way is fine – just do it!!  Our mayor is trying to help us save on our taxes! The MRA Board is completely supportive of this effort and hope that you, our members, will show your support also.

Liz Denyar - President


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