In Memoriam - Madeline Fielding

In Memoriam - Madeline Fielding - Past President and Long TIme MRA Director

If only one observation could be made about Madeline – it would be that she loved Muskoka. As the most positive person I have ever met, she loved many things, but Muskoka and everything about it was for her –   simply the best.

Madeline was born Madeline Ruth Eaton.  She became a Social Worker and later married plastic surgeon Dr. John Fielding.  During his training they lived in New Orleans and London, England.  At this time, three children came along.  Years later Madeline traveled with her John to distant places like Afghanistan where he worked under primitive conditions to help those less fortunate.  At one time she even had a pilot’s license so she could fly John’s plane.

Madeline was always available for meeting or lunches – anything that was going to be fun. She loved to be included. Shopping Madeline style was amusing!  One could never have too many cocktail napkins! Or too much pottery.  Her frivolous side showed a curious, enthusiastic lady with a lot of energy. She was loyal to her friends and generous to a fault.

Madeline read voraciously and was intensely interested in politics – from attending local council and committee meetings to what was happening in the rest of the world. She gave all this expertise and more to the MRA during her many years as a board member.  We all feel privileged to have been lucky enough to have known Madeline and we will miss her.

Liz Denyar - President MRA


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