Comprehensive Zoning By-Law - 2014-14

Comprehensive Zoning By-Law - 2014-14


The new Comprehensive Zoning By-Law (2014-14) was passed in a recorded vote of six to three at the February 13 Council meeting, and the period to appeal the by-law ended on March 17, 2015.  Work on this by-law started prior to the last (Murphy) Council, and has taken a great deal of study and work by staff, consultants, council and the public.  It replaces the previous by-law known as 87-87 (that's right - the basis of the last Comprehensive Zoning By-Law is almost 30 years ago).

The By-Law as passed can be found at030315 - Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 2014-14.pdf Comprehensive Zoning By-Law and the official "notice of passing" along with the appeal information is at030315 - Notice of Passing of By-Law 2014-14.pdf Notice of Passing of By-Law 2014-14.

For more information, including a number of "schedules" indicating your lot zoning, please see the Township web site - Planning department at - - planning

As of the close of the appeal process, there have been 18 appeals launched against this by-law as reported by MyMuskokaNow - see MyMuskokaNow


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