District of Muskoka - Inaugural Meeting

On the evening of Monday, December 8th, 2014 an inaugural meeting of the District Municipality of Muskoka was held at the district offices in Bracebridge.  The meeting was called to order by the clerk, Debbie Crowder, who explained that she would preside over the meeting until a district chair was elected.

Following an invocation provided by Reverend Kelly Baetz, district councillors were introduced and swore their declarations of office led by The Honourable Justice Thomas Wood.  Those representing the Township of Muskoka Lakes around the district council table are Mayor Don Furniss and Councillors Ruth Nishikawa, Allen Edwards and Phil Harding.  Senior management and support staff were then introduced by the clerk.

Four candidates ran for the position of district chair ~ John Klinck, Hugh MacKenzie, Stewart Morley and Dan Waters.  Each candidate was introduced and allotted ten minutes to speak, followed by a question and answer period of a further ten minutes.  No questions were asked of any candidates.  The newly sworn in district council then cast their votes, which according to district by-law is a secret ballot.  The position of district chair is elected by a majority vote, which in this case was 12 or more votes.  John Klinck was re-elected to the position of district chair with 15 votes.

Justice Wood then administered the declaration of office to the newly elected district chair and presented Chair Klinck with the chain of office.  After assuming “the chair” Chair Klinck thanked his family, those who had been committee chairs last term, staff, the clerks department and the people of Muskoka.

Prior to adjourning the meeting Chair Klinck said he would be appointing committee chairs the following day, then announced that Bracebridge Councillor Lori-Lynn Giaschi-Pacini would be appointed deputy chair.


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