Township Watch - September 2013

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Solar Power Farm

At the planning meeting Skypower Global gave a presentation on a potential 75 acre solar farm on Windermere Road.  The presenter was looking for support in principle from the Township.  They happily agreed to sit down with the CAO to work out a draft development agreement and guidelines before scheduling public information meetings.

Moon River Property Owners’ Association (MRPOA)

At council on Friday, September 13th the MRPOA gave a public safety presentation regarding unmarked rocks at Moon Chutes and the Gaunt Bay Shoal.  The Association believes that these should both have hazard buoys marking them and asked the township to join MRPOA in marking them.  MRPOA will inform and educate boaters about the markers, yet the liability for them would lie on the Township.  Following a discussion it was decided a more in depth discussion was required at a committee of the whole meeting.

Bala Falls

A private citizen delegated to council on behalf of the Save The Ball Falls voicing their concerns regarding the speed of the water current at the base of the proposed hydro plant at the Bala Falls.  It is their “opinion” that there is a “massive public safety concern” with water from the hydro plant being a “licence to drown” or to sweep swimmers down stream.  It was pointed out that the graph and information being used in the presentation was obtained from “worst case scenario” numbers, and that the current would be approximately 20% of the numbers being presented.  After a discussion it was suggested that perhaps Swift River Energy Limited should be invited to present “their side of the story” so that council would have both sides.

OPP Inspector Ed Medved

In response to a comment made at the July 16th, 2013 committee of the whole meeting that there was too much OPP presence in the Township of Muskoka Lakes, Inspector Medved gave an informative presentation on the Bracebridge Detachment and the work that they do.  Inspector Medved spoke about the make up of the 68 uniformed officers in the detachment, gave a statistical overview of calls for service and service trends pointing out that gone are the days of “just driving around in OPP vehicles”.    In the recent years there has, on average, been a down swing in calls for service except for drugs.  In this area, the unit has instituted proactive measures, resulting in a 37% increase.   One frightening statistic that was provided was that between May and September 2013 through a focused effort 17 impaired drivers were stopped on Peninsula Road.  Although the Township pays 39% of the District’s OPP budget, it was raised that the Township only placed 19% of the calls over the last three years and are therefore paying more than our share.  Inspector Medved explained that calls were taken on a case by case basis and that the OPP are in the Township on purpose and with a purpose.  His feed back has been that people were happy with the service being provided and that citizens felt safe.   Inspector Medved stated he had never heard of people saying there was too much policing and he would make no apologizes for the OPP being in the Township.

Association of Municipalities Ontario (AMO) Conference

Councillors Baranik, Furniss and Kruckel gave a verbal report on their attendance at the 2013 AMO Conference which they attended in Ottawa the end of August.  The theme of the committees were “inspired and aspired” and covered topics such as planning structure, economic development, engaging youth as well as a talk by Astronaut Chris Hadfield.

Mark your calendars ~ the Second Annual Port Carling Santa Clause Parade will be on Saturday November 23rd from 6 to 7 PM and the 21st Annual Trek to Bethlehem will be held in Bala on December 7th, 2013.

 We hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful September weather.


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