Township Watch - February 2013

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New Director of Planning

The MRA would like to congratulate Mr. David Pink on his appointment to Director of Planning for the Township of Muskoka Lakes.  David has been the Interim Director of Planning since Stephen Fahner left the Senior Staff position in July of 2012. 

Summer Skating School

A very interesting presentation was made this session regarding Brian Orser running a skating school the last week of August at the Port Carling Arena, as he did in August of 2012.  His organization, to be invited to our community by the Port Carling Figure Skating Club, includes world class skaters.  Last August there were skaters and, in some cases their families, from seven different countries.  What an exciting opportunity for these families, and a prefect opportunity for economic development in the Township.

2013 Budget Discussions

This meeting session, the MRA attended the Council Meeting, a Special Council Meeting regarding the budget and Committee of the Whole meeting.  Although a few issues arose, the bulk of Council’s time was spent on the 2013 Budget.  The Capital and Operating Budgets “version 4” were reviewed, as well as a 10 year capital forecast.   Council spent many hours reviewing the figures, asking questions and raising concerns.  The MRA found these meetings interesting and thought we would ask our membership the following

Do You Know?

Do you as a tax payer know:

  • That the Heritage Committee originally asked for $31,200, and then increased their request to $60,200 in the 2013 budget?  In 2011 they were budgeted $1,000!
  • That in 2012 the Heritage Committee was budgeted $25,000 but it is estimated that they spent $50,528?
  • That Mayor Murphy believes that “heritage committee meetings do not affect the public”?
  • That there currently is $140,000 in the 2013 Budget to rebuild the Port Carling Mural?
  • That another $43,500 is budgeted to be spent on the Ullswater Community Center in order to upgrade its’ accessibility?
  • That the number of building permits being applied for has decreased drastically?
  • That the Township is budgeting $50,000 per year through 2015 towards the Port Carling Nursing Station?
  • That the township Council is requesting “that Bala, Port Carling and Windermere be formally recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports as a tourist and heritage designation”?

There is a public special Committee of the Whole meeting on Tuesday, February 19th where the budget will be reviewed again.  Watch for Special Township Watch Bulletin following that meeting.



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