Township Watch - March 2013

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Council Meeting

At the Council meeting on Friday, March 15th many by-laws were on the agenda most of which were dealt with in a timely and efficient manner. One item that the MRA found of particular interest was the Events Center at Brooklands Farm in Milford Bay.  The by-law passed first and second reading, with third reading being deferred until some conditions have been met. Mayor Murphy told property owner Katya Riley that she loves going to Brooklands Farm and that council “will work with you”.

Resorts and Tourism Report

An interesting presentation was given at the Planning Committee meeting by Brian Stanford from PKF Consulting regarding the “Resorts and Tourism Interim Options Report”. Although this presentation had already been given at the District level, Muskoka Lakes was the first of 6 municipalities to hear the presentation.  Performance in the tourism industry is very important to the District of Muskoka and currently the District, as well at the Township, are performing below the provincial levels.  Although the initiative is to have all the Municipalities work with the District to improve performance, it was brought forth that the Township of Muskoka Lakes has 55 of the 111 resorts in the District and that each municipality has different needs. Mayor Murphy indicated that she had heard this presentation previously, that while Mr. Stanford spoke she had researched his firm and enquired whether there was an “imbedded bias” in the presentation as his firm seems to represent “clubs” but no municipalities.

Conservancy Review Board Decision

At the Planning Meeting on Monday March 18th, CAO Chris Wray announced that the decision of the Conservancy Review Board was received by the Township of Muskoka Lakes on Friday, March 15th.  The 40 page recommendation agreed with the position that the Township lawyers presented and recommended that the Council proceed with designating the Township Dock at Lake Muskoka, Portage Landing on Moon River and the Shield Parking Lot.  Although there was some discussion as to whether the by-law that has to be written would return to COW or go directly to Council, it was decided that the Heritage Committee would draft the by-law based on considerations of the CRB and it would be presented at the next Council meeting.

Wake Stock

At Committee of the Whole on Tuesday March 19th, Scott Croxall, who this season was ranked fourth in the world in the Red Bull event known as Crashed Ice came to ask permission to use Windsor Park in Bala on Saturday June 15th for Muskoka Stock.  The event is to be a mix of “old school” water skiing and wakeboarding, but the contestants must compete in both events. Starting at 9 AM there will be a barefoot competition, a water ski show over noon hour with a BBQ and in the afternoon a wakeboard competition.   Members of the committee thought this was a wonderful idea and carried the resolution.

Meeting Changes

With the Association Municipalities of Ontario conference in Ottawa taking place the same week as township municipal meetings, the meeting schedule for August 2013 has been altered. Committee of Adjustment will be at 9 AM Thursday August 15th with Planning beginning at 1 PM that afternoon, and Council will begin at 9 AM on Friday August 16th, with Committee of the Whole beginning at 1 PM that afternoon. There was some opposition around the council table about rescheduling these meetings as the schedule has been changed several times in the last two years.

Comprehensive Zoning By-law

Directly following the committee meeting a Special Council Meeting was held to appoint Jones Consulting as the consultants for the Comprehensive Zoning By-law Review Process. 



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