Membership is open to ALL residents, taxpayers and business owners in the Township of Muskoka Lakes.   We pride ourselves on timely communications with our members.  We strive to keep them informed on what is going on in the Township that effects them directly or indirectly.

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Township of Muskoka Lakes - 2021 Capital Budget

The Township of Muskoka Lakes Council has started the 2021 budget preparation.  Current progress can be found here.


The schedule for the budget meetings can be found here -Budget Meeting Schedule Budget Meeting Schedule

A copy of draft 1 (Jan 15) may be accessed here -2021 - Budget - Draft 1 2021 - Capital Budget - Draft 1

As future updates are posted, you can find them here.




New Web Mapping Site - Muskoka GeoHub

Today, the District of Muskoka launched an exciting new Web Mapping site - Muskoka GeoHub.

We just watched a demonstration of the functionality of the site, and it allows you to visualize many aspects of Muskoka.

Muskoka GeoHub is an online portal that allows you to access important geographical information in Muskoka such as:

  • Air Photos
  • Topopraphic and Crown Land Maps
  • Floodplain Mapping/li>
  • Shoreline Videos
  • Trails Explorer
  • Zoning Maps
  • Subdivision and Condominium Development Maps
  • Data sets for Environment, Community Public works, and so much more!

The site can be accessed at Muskoka Geohub . Take a look, there's a lot there.

A copy of our 2020 Yearbook is available here -2020 Yearbook.pdf 2020 Yearbook
2020 Yearbook Cover.jpg

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Township By-Law Enforcement

The Township has recently produced a 2-page summary regarding their by-laws and the enforcement procedures.  This covers noise, tree cutting, ATV usage as well as many more areas.  A copy of that summary can be found here -TML By-Law. Enforcement TML By-Law. Enforcement

Consider posting a copy in your cottage.


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Township Watch - December 2020

“A working group” to be established for the Torrance Barrens. Safe Quiet Lakes work hard on reducing wakes and speed, as well as a “Decibel Coalition”. Active Transportation route requested on Muskoka Road 169 from Torrance to Gravenhurst. Municipal operating update during COVID19. Condominium agreement reached between the Township and Legacy Cottages. Three lake plans submitted for consideration in the Official Plan. Servicing in Minett Official Plan update.  -  Read more about Township Watch - December 2020

Township Watch - November 2020

Councillors receive mid-term training from the Township Integrity Commissioner. Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce Annual Report to the Township. Township forecasting a small financial surplus in 2020. Minett Firefighters Association receive a donation. Remembrance Day. Township receives a clean audit in 2019. New Chief Building Official promoted. New Parks Use By-law approved by Council. No Parking Zone on Milford Bay Road. Proposal cell tower on the Joseph River. Will your property rights change with changes to grandfathering provisions? New Manager of Planning. Speed reduction for two kilometres on Peninsula Road. Committee follows District staff recommendation to not circulate Official Plan Amendment 49 for Minett.  -  Read more about Township Watch - November 2020

Township Watch - October 2020

Is habitable space permitted in the first storey of boathouses? Staff recognized for their hard work. New regulations on park usage coming to the Township of Muskoka Lakes. New budget guiding principles policy put in place. 2021 Township budget guidelines set. Legacy Cottages condominium agreement negotiations continue. Five Township Community Centres to re-open. The Township continues to work on their Official Plan. Does the Township enforce their by-laws or is it perceived that they do not ~ staff undertake a functional review. Minett Official Plan Amendment continues to be in the hands of the District.  -  Read more about Township Watch - October 2020

Letter to Ministry of the Environment - Torrance Barrens

Concerns regarding illegal activities, accumulation of garbage and failing infrastructure of the Torrance Barrens and Hardy Lake Parks prompt the Muskoka Ratepayers to write Minister Yurek. Upon receipt, a reply from Minister Yurek, it will be added  -  Read more about Letter to Ministry of the Environment - Torrance Barrens

Township Watch - September 2020

Township to review reserve targets for future budgets and establish protocols for multi-year budgets. Winter initiative being put forth for those in Muskoka Lakes. Which community centres will re-open following COVID-19 closures and how. StratCorp provides Council with refined values, goals and key performance indicators. Some feel public safety is still a concern at the power plant in Bala. Township appoints an Acting Chief Building Official. Camel Lake subdivision agreement passed unanimously. Legacy Cottages condominium agreement moved forward to Council with no discussion as period for court appeal still open. Two proposed new cell towers in Muskoka. Julie Stevens appointed Chief Administrative Officer of the District of Muskoka. Manager of Planning at the Township resigns.  -  Read more about Township Watch - September 2020

Letter to Council re Official Plan

Letter to Township Council re Official Plan  -  Read more about Letter to Council re Official Plan

Township Watch - August 2020

Restoration of Portage Landing Park delayed to spring 2021. Speed sign requested for Bala. The KEE withdraws outdoor events request. Township of Muskoka Lakes re-opens cautiously. The Barrens are being mis-used. Township Commercial Resort Policy to be reviewed concurrently with the District, not jointly. Are boathouses being used for more than marine storage? Township new Strategic Plan meetings reviewed. Port Sandfield bridge being closed nightly and for a two week complete closure.  -  Read more about Township Watch - August 2020

Delegating at Council

Have something to say? Want to tell Council what you think? Here's how.  -  Read more about Delegating at Council

Going to Muskoka?

05/15/20 - Updated - Going to Muskoka - A dilemma. Should we go to the cottage on the long weekend - or should we not?  -  Read more about Going to Muskoka?

Thank You to our Service Providers

A letter of thanks to our essential workers  -  Read more about Thank You to our Service Providers
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Upcoming Events - Monthly Calendar

Ratepayers - Board Meeting
Jan 23, 2021 10:00am to 1:00pm
TML - Special Council - Public Budget
Feb 2, 2021 4:00pm to 7:00pm
TML - Committe of Adjustment
Feb 8, 2021 9:00am to 12:00pm
TML - General / Finance Committee
Feb 10, 2021 9:00am to 12:00pm
TML - Council
Feb 10, 2021 1:00pm to 5:00pm
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