2021-22 Board of Directors


2021 - 2022 Directors

At the 2021 virtual AGM, the Members elected a new Board of Directors.  Liz Denyar is our President, Peter Long is the Past President, and Don Furniss is the Secretary / Treasurer, Our Directors include Doug Bryden (Ethics), Lynda Bryden, Don Furniss, Gord Carlton, Judy O'Malley, Jim Boyd (Environment), Tom Grajnar, and Sharon Aiken (Membership).

Dee Denyar, is our Administrative Assistant, and primary author of Township Watch.

The Muskoka Ratepayers' Board of Directors is a dedicated group of volunteers with a common passion to help protect Muskoka. We are residents, cottagers, some of us are on the water, some of us live and work in the towns of Muskoka, so our interest and goals reach beyond the lapping waves and boathouses of the big lakes.

The Ratepayers' Board is comprised of both permanent and seasonal residents.  Lately, we have made it a priority to recruit permanent Muskoka residents to our board, as this allows us to keep very current with what is happening in the township. The Muskoka Ratepayers’ Association is not a cottage association, though many of our members enjoy their waterfront properties. The Ratepayers’ represent ALL the ratepayers of Muskoka, and is concerned not only with the issues of the our seasonal members, but also with the year-round viability of Muskoka. The permanent residents to our board  enable us to more easily react to the evolving environment of Muskoka, and to have a greater presence at the District of Muskoka.

You'll see our Directors at every meeting of the Township Council, Committee of the Whole, Planning, and Committee of Adjustment. To ensure that we report objectively on our Township Council, we require that any director running for elected office take a leave of absence from the MRA Board, and should they be successful, they must step down from the Board.  Your concerns about Muskoka are our concerns and we make sure your voice is heard.

Of course, the Ratepayers’ would not be able do the work we do without the invaluable support of our Administrative Assistant Dee Denyar. Dee keeps us all organized, is the friendly voice when you telephone us, attends many Council meetings, and sources the sticky buns that fuel all board meetings. Thank you Dee.

Please select this link to look at the bios of the current board members.


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