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Elected Officials - Township, District, Provincial and Federal

Township of Muskoka Lakes:
Managing growth within our distinctive lakes and rural environment while enhancing the well being of the community.
Township Contacts
Mayor Phil Harding (D)  
Ward A (Bala Area) Ruth-Ellen Nishikawa (D)
Donelda Hayes Donelda Hayes   
  Glenn Zavitz  
Ward B (Milford Bay) Allen Edwards (D)  
  Susan Mazan
  Gordon Roberts
Ward C (Port Carling) Frank Jaglowitz (D)
  Barb Bridgeman
  Peter Kelley
CAO Derrick Hammond
Clerk Lauren Tarasuk
Note - a "D" following the names above indicate that the individual is both a Township of Muskoka Lakes Councillor, and a District Councillor.
To confirm which ward you are located in, click on the link Ward Map.
District of Muskoka:
The upper tier of Muskoka government that is comprised of the Town of Bracebridge, the Township of Georgian Bay, the Town of Gravenhurst, the Township of Lake of Bays, the Town of Huntsville, and the Township of Muskoka Lakes.
District Contacts
District Chair John Klink
District Councillors   District Council
Senior Staff   Senior Staff
Norm Miller, Member of Provincial Parliament:
The MPP (PC) for Parry Sound/Muskoka.
Scott Aitchison, Member of Parliament:
Current MP for Parry Sound/Muskoka.

The Muskoka Ratepayers' Association recognizes that there are several other associations and groups in and around Muskoka that provide valuable services to you the property owner, and you the member of the community.


Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations
Muskoka Lakes Association – MLA :
The Muskoka Lakes Association was established in 1894 to represent the interests of lakeshore residents in preserving the unique beauty of Muskoka.
Lake of Bays Association – LOBA:
Their aim is "to promote, enhance and maintain a clean, natural healthy environment , a well serviced community, and a safe, peaceful Lake of Bays"
Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association – MLSTA:
The Muskoka Lakes Snow Trails Association covers the largest trail network within the Township of Muskoka Lakes and is a member of the Muskoka Snowmobile Region (MSR). Trail reports and news is updated regularly by the club.

Muskoka Water and Heritage

Muskoka Water Web:
Information on Muskoka's water, drinking water, Watershed Council, Water Strategies, and how Muskoka's water is protected.
Muskoka Watershed Council:
Committed to the enhancement of the health and sustainability of those watersheds lying partially or totally within the District of Muskoka.
Current Flooding Information
The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) maintains a web site that provides Information about the Flood Forecasting and Warning Program, which prepares provincial and local authorities in the event of a flood.
Muskoka Conservancy:
The Conservancy is committed "To nurture, conserve, and protect Muskoka’s natural and built heritage for future generations!”
Muskoka Lakes Museum:
The Museum at Port Carling, Ontario Canada.

Local Services

Muskoka Lakes Chamber of Commerce:
World class boating , 7 area golf courses, fishing, hiking trails, camping, first class accommodation, live theatre, and dance the night away!
The Bracebridge Examiner:
The Bracebridge Examiner is the most comprehensive newspaper in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.
Muskoka News Watch:
Muskoka News Watch
The Moose:
Muskoka News Watch

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